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Why Location is So Important When Choosing a New Office or Business Space

Why Location is So Important When Choosing a New Office or Business Space

The location should be one of the first things you think about when looking for a new office or retail space, not only for your customers but for your employees too. From accessibility to competitors, there are a whole host of things to consider before you go ahead with renting or buying. For those who need a little helping hand, this blog will discuss why location is so important for your business.


One of the most important factors in choosing an office space is the location. If you’re looking at areas that are outside of the city centre then you need to consider how easy it is to reach for your employees. Make sure you research the transports links of the area such as buses, trains and even nearby cycle routes to make sure it’s accessible from all over - you don’t want your staff to be continuously late due to infrequent travel times. If you’re looking at more rural locations then it might be useful to check out the internet speed in this proximity; businesses that complete the majority of their work on the computer will need fast internet speed to be able to complete work on time without lagging.


There are bound to be employees that choose to drive to work, so locations that have even some designated parking are always good. Alternatively, nearby roads that offer free parking are attractive to new customers as it makes your business easy to reach, as well as being attractive for clients.


How safe you feel within an area and building is an important factor to think about. If a building has previously had problems with its infrastructure, this may occur again putting you and your employees at risk. Additionally, areas that are renowned for high crime rates may mean that your business is vulnerable to vandalism or break-ins. If your opening hours run into the evening then this may be an area of concern for those working, or put customers off from visiting in the evening.


Locations that have a range of amenities are great for you and your employees. A nearby high street or shopping area means your staff have a variety of options for lunch, furthermore it’s likely that these locations will have a bank, so any business banking can be done with ease lowering the risks that come with carrying large sums of money around.


Don’t rush your decision when trying to find a new office or business space as it may prove problematic in the long run. Instead, conduct some market research and find out about the area - it will bode well to understand who your target market. For example, if you’re planning on opening a coffee shop on a busy high street that already has plenty, this may not be a wise choice. Furthermore, you need to consider the foot traffic surrounding the retail place as if people don’t know you’re there, you’ll find it difficult to get started.

For a range of office and retail spaces across Scotland, Shepherd Chartered Surveyors can help with your property search. As Scotland’s leading residential and commercial property services, our professional team are on hand to find the right location for your requirements and budget. For more information get in touch today.