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Top Tips For First Time Buyers

Top Tips For First Time Buyers

At Shepherd Chartered Surveyors, we specialise in obtaining home reports for our clients when they’re looking to sell up. However, we also know a thing or two about buying. Here are just a few of our top tips when looking to buy your first property.

Keep an Eye Out For The Home Report

In Scotland, it’s a legal requirement for homes up for sale to have a home report. These documents provide potential buyers with all of the information they need to make an informed decision. By looking through this report with the assistance of a professional estate agent and solicitor, you’ll know whether the home you’re in love with is a bargain or might have some skeletons in its closet.

Work Out Your Budget and Save ASAP

Knowing the flexibility of your budget is going to help you immediately slim down your options. If this is your first home, it’s likely your budget won’t be massive, which will then dictate the areas you can live in and the size of home you’ll be able to afford.

By thinking about what you can afford, how big your deposit is likely to be and other financial factors, a mortgage advisor will be able to ascertain exactly how much you can borrow. Saving as early as possible will allow you to make those crucial first steps towards your dream first home.

Research The Location Thoroughly

Without researching an area properly before looking at a property, you run the risk of falling in love with a home and then not being able to afford it at all. This is just one reason why knowing whether the location is affordable or not first is essential. From there, you can feel more confident that homes within that area will be roughly in your price range.

Work With Professionals

Working with professional solicitors and estate agents is imperative in the process of getting the home of your dreams. Estate agents and solicitors will have the experience and knowledge to ensure the offer is realistic and the process is smooth.

If You’re Looking To Sell Up, Shepherd Chartered Surveyors Can Help You

At Shepherd Chartered Surveyors, we can help you to obtain a legally required home report when selling your property to prove that your house is inhabitable. This provides potential first-time buyers with the evidence they need to determine the condition of your home. This can help you secure a quick and seamless sale.

To find out more, visit, call or email one of our many branches. We operate across Scotland so, wherever you are, we’ll be close by.