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Three of the Finest Examples of Modern Architecture in Scotland

Three of the Finest Examples of Modern Architecture in Scotland

Broadly speaking, the modernist movements in art and architecture has been a movement that has both wavered and simultaneously quickly progressed for the past 100 years. Solely focused on clean lines and muted tones, modern architecture and design is the perfect juxtaposition to the wild Scottish landscape of endless emerald grassland, jagged hills and serene lochs. Abundant in the countryside and in the historic stone cities, modern architecture is cutting edge no matter its location. With this in mind, as a leading chartered surveyor company in Scotland, we thought we would take a look at some of the finest examples of modern architecture in Scotland. This may perhaps inspire you to add some renovations to your home, and if you do, contact our team to help you.

V&A Dundee, Dundee

It seems fitting that Scotland’s first design museum is an architectural masterpiece in itself. Designed by Kengo Kuma, a leading and award-winning Japanese architect who is creating the main stadium in Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics, it is the first of his creations in the UK. Opened in September 2018, it is constructed from curving concrete walls holding 2,500 precast rough stone panels, giving the impression to the viewer of a majestic Scottish cliff face. The building is also a product of eco-design, relying solely on the renewable source of geothermal energy.

Maggie’s Centre, Airdrie

There have been numerous studies about how beautiful design uplifts our mood, and this is certainly fitting for the 2014 designed Maggie’s Centre in Wishaw General Hospital in Airdrie. It is no secret that hospitals are anxious-ridden sites, so the open plan ‘porous’ construction of the new Maggie’s Centre is a perfect welcoming space for visitors and residents. Created from a mixture of Danish brickwork and glass it lets in plenty of natural light.

Talla Na Mara, Isle of Harris

An arts and entertainment centre on the Isle of Harris, Talla na Mara is enclosed amongst breathtaking scenery. Translated from Gaelic as “centre by the sea” it is nestled amongst the rolling hills, icy blue waters and arid landscape. The light-hued timber frame, and large windows peaks through the jagged vista, providing the perfect combination of contrasting and complementing elements to the world around it - creating a hidden retreat to escape to.

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Image by Fabio Wanderley from Pixabay