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A Mini Guide to Eco-Friendly Design and Initiatives

A Mini Guide to Eco-Friendly Design and Initiatives

Moving forward to the future, we need to be prioritising eco-friendly initiatives, whether that is reducing our single-use plastic waste, buying more second-hand pieces and adopting a flexitarian diet, we hope that our simple changes in attitude can, in turn, save the world. This is the same for eco-friendly design; It is no secret that concrete production, as well as the material itself, is detrimental to the environment. Plus, with the amount of energy that we consume in our homes on a daily basis, perhaps we need to be prioritising switching to renewable energy sources within the next few years. If you are concerned about the EPC of your home, we can help as leading chartered surveyors in Scotland, read on to find out more about eco-friendly design for domestic homes.

Natural and Sustainable Materials

The key to eco friendly design is naturally sourced and sustainable materials, including recycled options. From bamboo to cork, hempcrete to straw, these produce less energy when being created, can be recycled and has a long lifespan. Sustainable materials can be crafted into building materials, furniture, clothes and more. Essentially, we need to reduce our reliance and usage of non-biodegradable materials like plastic, and concrete.

Renewable Energy

Finding a renewable energy source that can be used on a mass scale is wholly important to the preservation of the planet. As we are sure you are well aware, our homes and businesses are reliant upon the depleting resources of fossil fuels, and in turn, generating harmful levels of CO2 to the planet. Switching to solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal, and hydropower can not only make our homes more energy efficient but it can also lower our energy bills.

Eco-friendly Architecture

One of the key ways to making a house eco-friendly in its structure is to use sustainable materials in its construction, as mentioned above, and also to have an eco-conscious mind at the forefront of designing and building process. The aim is to reduce not only the amount of energy that our home uses in its construction, but also how much it uses day to day. From installing double glazed windows to energy efficient light bulbs, insulation, and solar panels, there is an abundance of ways you can help save the planet by looking inward towards your domestic home.

Here at Shepherd’s Chartered Surveyors, we are one of Scotland’s leading property and construction consultants offering valuable advice and high-quality customer service to both domestic and commercial clients. Whether you are looking for state of the art home renovations, that could inhibit your structural load, or you need planning permission, our team can help you. We also offer comprehensive mortgage valuations for prospective buyers as well as asset management and project consultancy. To find out more about our large range of services, simply contact us today.